My husband and I got our first GSP, Cocoa from Jim in 2013

My husband and I got our first GSP, Cocoa from Jim in 2013 after months of looking for a respectable hunting breeder. I had always been a Labrador girl so was apprehensive to how I would handle a new breed.  We’d done extensive research into GSP’s in general, their behaviour and apparent full on energy!

Cocoa has definitely become our first furchild, she sure has lots of energy, but find me a GSP that doesn’t, She knows when it’s quiet time, gives the best snuggles, is clean, barely sheds her fur and is a super star hunter.

Jim knows his dogs and his knowledge helps him match the best dog to the bitch. We welcomed Figs in early 2016 and she’s been a whirlwind edition to the family.  Jim has given us so much time, a countless supply of information and when Cocoa had her first litter in May this year he came down to Hawkes Bay and field tested the pups.  We’ve kept one – Bambi, as a legacy to our first girl.

They have such different personalities, get along amazingly and they all have the Broadbents bloodline. I can’t thank Jim enough for everything he has done for us but especially for the opportunity to give something back to the wider GSP breed.